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Them Down v1 (432Hz "Soundwave") [Free Download]

Download Them Down v1 for free.

Today is the day to take them down... Who are "they" to you?


Do you feel like
You can take them down?

Breathe Out v2 (432Hz "Soundwave" Dance Meditation) [Free Download]

Download Breathe Out v2 for free.

This track has lush synths, an offbeat skank and a more down tempo style beat.

Coding Low v1 (432Hz "Soundwave" Dance Meditation) [Free Download]

Download Coding Low v1 for free.

Coding Low v1, the first sound.audio.music track of 2015, sounds off as a fresh entry into edgy self-attunement.

Ichi Nichi San v1 [Free 432hz Music Download] ("Soundwave" Dance Meditation)

Download Ichi Nichi San v1 for free.

Ichi Nichi San debuts keiko.a on lead synth as she takes us on an edgy journey.

At times lively, at times haunting.

Them Down to Breathe Out v1 (Mix) [432hz]

This track is a fusion of two songs from my ~waves~ compilation, "Them Down" and "Breathe Out".

This 8-minute mix is relaxed and spacey, synth-rich and meditative.

Don't miss the birds :)


Do you feel like
You can take them down?

Twilight Seconds v1 [432hz] {sans lyrics}

Download Twilight Seconds v1 for free.

Among other things, this track is a spacey taste of subtle variations on a classic dance/rave lead synth theme, spiced with divers beats and layered with twilight.

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