528hz Solfeggio Frequency Music

Garden Dancefloor v1 [528hz] {sans lyrics}

This ~8-minute mini-odyssey is a synth-rich, contemplative, nostalgic and heartfelt dive into conscious waves of sound.

I have dubbed the electronic music I make "Soundwave". This refers to "sound" as in "solid and conscious" as well as playing on the very nature of ~waves~ that make music.

System Noncompliance v2 [528hz] {sans lyrics}

Download System Noncompliance v2 for free.

Working on a new type of track, something with a little more deep end and freakiness.

The Love v1 [528hz] {sans lyrics}

Download The Love v1 for free.

This four-minute alpha track (meaning it's only just an idea in the works, not a completed track or song) is another synth-luscious, moody adventure.

Enjoy this free and open music :)

Slim Dawn v1 {528Hz "Soundwave"} [Free Download]

Download Slim Dawn v1 for free.

It sounds like the name: Slim Dawn.

A contemplative, synth-friendly journey into a space of nostalgia and awakening.

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