creates awakening, healing and transformational dance meditation music composed in alternative sound frequencies (432hz and 528hz). These sonic manifestations are all Free & Open - distributing, downloading, remixing, replaying, sharing and enjoying are encouraged and appreciated. Please do drop a quick line if you enjoy this dance space, this musical place. My name is Chapman Woodriff and I personally welcome you to the Soundwave.

Soundwave ~waves~

Meditative Dance Music for Awakening, Healing & Transformation


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Ichi Nichi San v1 [Free 432hz Music Download] ("Soundwave" Dance Meditation)

Download Ichi Nichi San v1 for free.

Ichi Nichi San debuts keiko.a on lead synth as she takes us on an edgy journey.

At times lively, at times haunting.

Them Down to Breathe Out v1 (Mix) [432hz]

This track is a fusion of two songs from my ~waves~ compilation, "Them Down" and "Breathe Out".

This 8-minute mix is relaxed and spacey, synth-rich and meditative.

Don't miss the birds :)


Do you feel like
You can take them down?

Garden Dancefloor v1 [528hz] {sans lyrics}

This ~8-minute mini-odyssey is a synth-rich, contemplative, nostalgic and heartfelt dive into conscious waves of sound.

I have dubbed the electronic music I make "Soundwave". This refers to "sound" as in "solid and conscious" as well as playing on the very nature of ~waves~ that make music.

Twilight Seconds v1 [432hz] {sans lyrics}

Download Twilight Seconds v1 for free.

Among other things, this track is a spacey taste of subtle variations on a classic dance/rave lead synth theme, spiced with divers beats and layered with twilight.

System Noncompliance v2 [528hz] {sans lyrics}

Download System Noncompliance v2 for free.

Working on a new type of track, something with a little more deep end and freakiness.

The Love v1 [528hz] {sans lyrics}

Download The Love v1 for free.

This four-minute alpha track (meaning it's only just an idea in the works, not a completed track or song) is another synth-luscious, moody adventure.

Enjoy this free and open music :)

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