creates awakening, healing and transformational dance meditation music composed in alternative sound frequencies (432hz and 528hz). These sonic manifestations are all Free & Open - distributing, downloading, remixing, replaying, sharing and enjoying are encouraged and appreciated. Please do drop a quick line if you enjoy this dance space, this musical place. My name is Chapman Woodriff and I personally welcome you to the Soundwave.

Garden Dancefloor v1 [528hz] {sans lyrics}

This ~8-minute mini-odyssey is a synth-rich, contemplative, nostalgic and heartfelt dive into conscious waves of sound.

I have dubbed the electronic music I make "Soundwave". This refers to "sound" as in "solid and conscious" as well as playing on the very nature of ~waves~ that make music.

Why conscious and sound? Apart from the positive intention behind this little sonic voyage and the soon-to-be-added lyrics, this tune is in an alternative frequency, 528hz. Most people tune to 440hz because it is the "standard" frequency, and it's what music software, synthesizers, tuners, etc, default to.

However, there is something special about using non-standard frequencies that brings out new depth in the sound waves themselves. Yes, there is science behind this, too, which indicates that our physical organisms "vibe" better with many frequencies other than the standard one, which happens to not be all that great from a vibrational point of view. This particular tuning is in line with the Solfeggio frequencies, which you can discover more about here

and here

Enjoy this Free and Open music :)