creates awakening, healing and transformational dance meditation music composed in alternative sound frequencies (432hz and 528hz). These sonic manifestations are all Free & Open - distributing, downloading, remixing, replaying, sharing and enjoying are encouraged and appreciated. Please do drop a quick line if you enjoy this dance space, this musical place. My name is Chapman Woodriff and I personally welcome you to the Soundwave.

Nap Dreams v2 [432hz]

Download Nap Dreams v2 for free.

There is a phenomenon which allows people to live their lives without actually waking up from their Nap Dreams, the veil of "reality" that most humans are content to live in and experience.

When we decide to stay awake, the dream recedes and we begin to explore beyond the supposed bounds of human perception and the fives senses, beyond the 3D world we are born into from another place.

Dreaming while napping.
Sleeping while awake.


We're all living in sometimes Nap Dreams
Open are our eyes yet we don't see
Beyond what we perceive physically
And that we take for all reality

Believing to be true this simple view
Dreaming while awake is what we do
This dream it lives inside our very minds
Manifesting thoughts along the standard lines

This is a call
Out to the people
We are it all
Tap into the future

It's happening now
Just happened all over again
Everpresent now
Spontaneous what we were

So come one and all
We've got to make our own future
Right here and now
Brothers and sisters

Spreading a vibe
Everyday of our lives
To go from Nap Dreams
To a collective awakening

Where everything's one
Spaces are absent

This is a call
Out to the people
Come one and all
We've got to make our own future
RIght here and now, now, now, now

Brothers and sisters
Spreading love as a vibe