creates awakening, healing and transformational dance meditation music composed in alternative sound frequencies (432hz and 528hz). These sonic manifestations are all Free & Open - distributing, downloading, remixing, replaying, sharing and enjoying are encouraged and appreciated. Please do drop a quick line if you enjoy this dance space, this musical place. My name is Chapman Woodriff and I personally welcome you to the Soundwave.

System Noncompliance v2 [528hz] {sans lyrics}

Download System Noncompliance v2 for free.

Working on a new type of track, something with a little more deep end and freakiness.

With this track, I am working on bringing together just a hint of the elation of old school "raves" with modern sounds stemming from various modern electronic music styles.

This track was composed in 528hz (Solfeggio Frequency) [also known as A4=443hz], not the usual co-opted frequency that almost all music is released in which is 440hz.

All of these instruments were played by yours truly and nothing is sampled from anywhere.

As with all tracks, this is totally original.