Twilight Seconds v1 [432hz] {sans lyrics}

Download Twilight Seconds v1 for free.

Among other things, this track is a spacey taste of subtle variations on a classic dance/rave lead synth theme, spiced with divers beats and layered with twilight.

Note that this music is tuned to the A4=432hz frequency (Omega 432), a non-standard tuning frequency (standard is A4=440hz). Mozart and many others tuned to the A4=432hz frequency, which is said to resonate better with the human organism than the standard frequency.

Appears on: ~waves~

The self-dubbed genre Wavestep is used to describe this unique blend of Ambient, Dubstep, Electro, Elevator, House, Intelligent Dance, New Wave, Soundtrack and Video Game music.

You are most welcome to enjoy and share.