A sound is made, the audio is heard and music is felt.

Soundwave composes and produces songs known as Soundwave. The Soundwave genre refers to "sound" as in solid, conscious and healthy frequencies and "wave" being the elemental form of what we hear and, hence, interpret as music.

The ~waves~ Album

~waves~ is an intentional space; a dance meditation ambience composed in awakened sound frequencies.

The positive intention behind this sonic voyage is enhanced by the empowering vibrational frequencies of 432hz and 528hz. There is something special about using these frequencies that brings out new depth in the sound waves themselves. Indeed, it seems our very physical organisms "vibe" better with these sound waves.

Free and Open Music is conscious, healing, inspiring and transformational. Naturally, all sonic creations are released for free.

You are encouraged to share, distribute, remix and transform this music as well as your self.

Dance into the Soundwave!


Chapman Woodriff

Meditative Dance Music for Awakening & Transformation